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The Sailormoon Fan Art Centre has been an active site since December 25, 1997. (The day I got my scanner. ^^) Since that time it has grown to an amazing community for fan artists to submit their work to show their love of the show Pretty Soldier Sailormoon. Unfortunatly, due to lack of time, I cannot keep up such a large site on my own anymore.

In the end I was going to shut down the site, but one of my good friends, Dara, offered to take over where I left off. So, I am passing over the Sailormoon Fan Art Centre to her hands. I'd like to thank her very much for offering to take on such a job, I appreciate it more than I could ever say. I want to thank every single person who contributed to this site, and helped it grow to what it is. I love this site very much, and overwhelmed that it will continue to do so. You can find the new and renamed Sailormoon Fan Art Center at http://bishoujo.anime-manga.net/, named Tsukino Maboroshi ("Moon Dream").

Sooo, I am rebuilding a fan art site, it just will not be as large as this one. You may submit fan art to it as well (now including any anime series, not just sailormoon), and it may be posted, it may not. I'd like to see it though. :) Where is it you ask? At my new reborn site, Otaku-Girl's Sekai at sailorv.com! So now, I bid farewell, and thanks to everyone who visited the Sailormoon Fan Art Centre. Ja mata ne!