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Sailormoon Eternal

Welcome minna-san, to my spiffy page, Sailormoon Eternal. This site is no where near professional, or high tech. I simply want a simple page where peoples can navigate to their leisure, and have fun. Tis what a fan page is about, ne? Anyways, on to what I can offer you here.

Gathered here I have near over 500 fan art images for your pleasure of viewing, my amaturely written fan fic, the Elemental Senshi, the not-so-famous Sailormoon RPG, on IRC, and other lil spiffy things. Check out the links and head over to what you'd like. You can contact me at

I hope you enjoy my page, and if you see any errors, or would like comment, give advice, add or whatnot please just send a hint by e-mail. I make this page to please and help others, and to help spread the beautiful influence of the pretty soldiers. Ja mata ne, and take care!

Sailormoon Fan Art Centre :: My vast collection of Sailormoon fan art from artists around the web.

Elemental Senshi Fan Fiction :: A completed story, mostly written just for fun and to relieve stress.

Image Galleries :: Both anime and manga pictures, gathered for your viewing pleasure.

Graphics Imporium :: A joint project with Dara-chan, a variety of free graphics for your own pagies.

Sailormoon IRC RPG :: Check out the most kickarse Sailormoon RPG on Dalnet. Bwuahaha.

Battle Skippers :: Yuugekitai Battle Skipper no da! My very small shrine to this anime.

Links & Ranking :: Wanna go somewhere else? Are sure sure? Are you so sure? Nani yo?

Awards :: Donated by all the oh-so-wonderful peoples who loved this site. Domo arigatou!

Message Board :: My poor message thingy is lonely, I don't think this was such a popular idea.

Sign Guestbook :: Gotta have one of these, ne? My kawaii lil guestbook.

Read Guestbook :: Yup one of these too. Read what others have left behind.

Sailormoon does not belong to me, I am just another of millions of crazed fans who adore the show and worship it for all eternity, so please, do not sue me for it. Anyways domo arigatou, and ja mata ne.

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