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Yes it's true, Sailormoon Eternal has moved to a (hopefully) better place. ^.^ After near 2 years on the Tripod home, I've decided to redo, and haul everything, except the Fan Art Centre, to a new server. The wonderfully new provider is none other, but I hope the visitors will like the new changes, and adapt the new enviroment that now surrounds Sailormoon Eternal.

The new address of my page has changed to I'd like to thank everyone who has supported this site, and made it the success it is, and hopefully will continue to be. Thanks to everyone who signed my guestbook, I appreciated them all and the time you took to write them. I hope to see as many in the new guestbook. :) Well, ja mata ne to all, and see ya'll in the new home! Sayonara!


So let's go! Pack your bags and to home we go!