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Violinist of Hamelin Movie

This cel was signed by the screenwriter for the Violinist of Hameln series, Yasuhiro Imagawa. I had the nice opportunity of meeting him when he came to Dallas to hold a panel. ^_^ He also worked as a writer, director and producer on other animes such as Giant Robo, Pet Shop of Horrors, and Mobile Fighter G Gundam. I felt bad when he said he did not work on the movie, where my cel was from. ^_^;; (I had thought he did both the TV & Movie) but since Hamel was in the TV series anyways, he was still happy to sign it. ^_^

Thank you so very much Keys for parting with this for me, I appreciate it so incredibly much. ;-; I really, *really* wanted a cel of Hamel playing his violin, especially from the movie cause his tone and expressions are much more lighter than the TV series, all the cels I always see of him from it make me smile and laugh. This cel is definately no exception. ^_- I'm so thrilled to finally get one of him while he's playing his violin! Ahh I love it so very much. *^^*

I didn't even notice this until perhaps a month after I recieved him, but for some reason there must have been a correction layer of Hamel's cape! The black areas are missing, so I guess you can see from this cel just how Hamel would have looked like with an all white cape. ^^;

((- the screen cap -))

VoH screencaps were kindly provided by Keys. Thank you!