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Welcome to Ryouko's FanFic Page!

Welcome to my fanfic! Alright, just to let you know, the original Sailor Scouts are NOT in this. I started all over with new Sailors and new Enemies. My Scouts are called the Sailor Elements. I do not know if this name has been chosen by another writer so I did NOT copy anybody! The names used in this fanfic do not refer to the original Anime they came from. Thank you for dropping by and please come again. Enjoy!

I'd like to give credit to the following people, for helping me with this fic. = ) My pal, Silvanis. = ) Thanks for helping me tons with this. I appreciate it. = ) Nobi-Chan, thank you for helping me out with this. = ) Sailor Water couldn't have been possible without you. = ) thank you thank you thank you guys! ^_^

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Episode 1: Lenmear's Arrival
Who's the new girl with silver hair? Welcome Lemnear and Gishi!

Episode 2: The Next Element
A new friend has arrived, and a second attack! Another joins Wind in her quest.

Episode 3: Double Strangers
Two new people have entered, but who are they? Mystery strangers!

Episode 4: To Build A Fire
Another joins the Elements! Introducing the 3rd to be found.

Episode 5: A Unifying Addition
A new addition, or is it, additions? The circle of the Elementals completes!
Episode 6: Crystal Confusion
Dreams begin to invade Lemnear, while a new powerful weapon will be revealed.

Episode 7: Sibling Rivalry
A field trip! Relaxing, right? Well, maybe...

Episode 8: Dreams to Dream
The cause of Lemnear's nightmares is revealed, along with many hidden secrets.

Episode 9: Eternal Love
The conclusion to the Elemental Sesnhi! What happened to Mog, and and who's the source of the notes and flowers? Read to find out!

Ashita ye Sera Uindo

I reach for the star,
the star of my dreams and visions
It's just beyond my fingertips,
I see it glittering so brightly
I think to me, myslef, and I,
My hopes, my dreams, are always so far away,
Yet they are so close to me,
Illuminated by my heart...

I will fight for my dreams,
In the name of the five elementals
Wind Crystal Power, Make Up!
To become the Sailor Senshi I am,
I will fight for my dreams,
I believe in others who doubt,
I purify the evil that possesses,
I reach for that star,
the star of my dreams and visions,
before it fades from my heart...

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