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Sailor ChibiChibiMoon My name is Chibi-Chibi, I am around 3 years old and I enjoy eating snacks and bugging my friends the sailor starlights. I am also a sailor senshi, Sailor Chibi-Chibi and Sailor Cosmos. But in the anime I am only Galaxia's star seed.

I am very kawaii as you can clearly see, Many of the senshi thought I was Usagi's other daughter, But I'm not. Then they all thought I was Chibi-Usa's daughter, I'm not anyone's child, I am a star-seed in the anime and a senshi in the manga. I don't have any attacks but I henshin with the phrase "Chibi-Chibi Crystal Power Make-Up!" and I gace Eternal Sailormoon a new weapon and attack.

Hey I'm kawaii, I'm a bit of a pest but I am very nice, Quite a bit nicer than Chibi-Usa apparently. I like eating and laughing and I always carry my china doll, I save Sailormoon a lot so I guess I am a good fighter too! ^_^

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