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Ryouko's Bishoujo Yuugekitai Battle Skipper Page!

If you don't know what the Battle Skippers are then that's why your here! (duh) Anyways check it out and have a look around. I must ask for you to not take my background since I made it myself. Thanks!

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Alright there are six main characters. Five are known as the exstars and are members of the Etiquette Club at the St. Ignacio's School. They are in control of the fighting battle skipper robots. These five are Reika, Kanami, Saori, Shihoko, and Rie.
•Ayanokouji Reika is 15 years old and manager of the Etiquette club. She is a very gentle and down to Earth girl.

•Izaki Kanami is 13 years old and is the smartest of the five. but she is also known to be very childish.

•Tachibana Saori (my fave) is also 13 years old. She didn't want to join the Etiquette club but did because of her friend Shihoko. She is also a little clumsy.

•Sakaki Shihoko is 13 years old. She admires Rie and she joined the Etiquette club to be with her. Her atheletic skills weren't good enough, but Reika let her join anyways.

•Shibusawa Rie is 15 years old and vice-manager of the Etiquette club. She is very active and leader when in battle.

•Kitaouji Sayaka is the baddy of the series. She is fifteen years old and manager of the Debutante Club. She is VERY rich cause her father owns the Makuhari Heavy Industries. (she has her own spaceship to take her to school! Kawaii!)

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