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elcome, to the fan fiction section of Sailormoon Eternal. Here, I will have two fan fics I did. One, is the Elemental Senshi, which is a completed story. The second one, is a new fic I am working on with a friend Sirius, called "Searching for a Crystal". Eh, this name may not be permanent, we came up with it on a split second. The story is better than the name, I think. ;P I will post this series soon, but we still have a bit editing to do, so not quite yet. Anyways, I hope you enjoy these tales, thank you for dropping by!

Side note for Elemental Senshi: Alright, just to let you know, the original Sailor Senshi are NOT in this. I started all over with new Sailors and new Enemies. I do not know if this name has been chosen by another writer so I did NOT copy anybody! The names used in this fanfic do not refer to the original Anime they came from.

Also, I'd like to give credit to the following people, for helping me with the fic. My pal, Silvanis. Thanks for helping me tons with this. I appreciate it. Nobi-Chan, thank you for helping me out. Sailor Water couldn't have been possible without you. Thank you thank you thank you guys! ^.^

1: Lemnear's Arrival 2: The Next Element 3: Double Strangers
4: To Build a Fire 5: A Unifying Addition 6: Crystal Confusion
7: Sibling Rivalry 8: Dreams to Dream 9: Eternal Love

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