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So often I hear of the SuperS series, the 4th addition to the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon story, degraded. I'm not saying that everyone says this, but I feel it deserves more recognition that what it recieves. Sure, Chibi-Usa is the main point of it, but there are so many other things that make this series truely special.

I welcome everyone to this site, so they may learn more about this series, and become familiar with it. I feel that it may help if people are more informed about this series, so maybe it will become in high ranks among personas favourite series. If not, then that's okay because I like showing my love for it anyways. :) With this said, feel free to roam around, and most of all, enjoy! Ja mata ne minna-san!


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Thank ye all very much to my visitors! Please come again, and I hope you enjoyed your stay. Little disclaimer, I do not own Sailormoon in any way, but I do own this site and if anyone copies the title, or look in any way I'll be seriously mad and will have to hurt someone. Have a nice day. ^.^