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1) Who is your favorite Sailor Moon Character?
Professor Tomoe.

2) How long have you been drawing?
8 years.

3) When did you start drawing Sailor Moon?

4) What would you like to do for a future career?
Doctor - am currently at Auckland Medical School.

5) What's your inspiration for drawing?
None - it's a leisure activity I do to stop all the stress in my life driving me bonkers.

6) Where are you from?
Auckland, New Zealand (that backwards little place to the right of Australia)

7) How old are you? M/F? (you never can tell at times with names these days...)
18. M.

9) What kind of tools do you use for your artwork?
Graphics pens, assorted pencils, charcoal, coloured pencils, airbrushes, manikins.... virtually everything under the sun aside from a brass razoo. ;)

10) When do you most feel like drawing?
When I'm bored or REALLY stressed....

11) What other interests do you have?
Soccer, movies, animation, computing.

12) What are your other favorite animes besides Sailor Moon?
Haven't seen many at all to tell you the truth - anime is very hard to come across here in NZ.

Any other statement you would like to say to everyone out there:
Be a perfectionist, but remember that everyone's got their own style, and just because Naoko-sensei and the people at TOEI draw it one way, there's no pressure to stifle your own style by trying to copy them. Makenai! - Simon

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