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1) Who is your favorite Sailor Moon Character?
Hum well Sailor Moon started out as my fave when I first entered the world of Sailormoon, but as time wore on I grew to love the soldier of love and beauty, Sailor Venus. I think it's her fun personality that captures me with her. ^^ She's so funny chasing after the Starlights!

2) How long have you been drawing?
Well I started in 6th grade, so about when I was 11 or 12. Before then I thought I could barely draw stick figures. But I've grown to love it!

3) When did you start drawing Sailor Moon?
I started drawing Sailor Moon the summer of 1996, after a friend of mine begged me to death to draw on of the characters. So I watched a show of it, and fell in love! Before that though, I had already been drawing from an anime video game, Chrono Trigger.

4) What would you like to do for a future career?
Of course I want to work in an artistic field, so I think I've chosen to be a Graphic Artist, so I can make advertisments for the M&M company.

5) What's your inspiration for drawing?
Hum...well usually after looking at another artist's work, it sets me in the mood to draw one myself, or if I see a really fabulous picture that I have to draw. ^^

6) Where are you from?
I am from the lone star state, Texas. Lived here all my life, in a small town named Mansfield. And no, we don't ride horses to school.

7) How old are you? M/F? (you never can tell at times with names these days...)
Currently I am 16 (turning 17 this year), and I am a female (and proud of it!)

9) What kind of tools do you use for your artwork?
I never draw with anything else than my trusty mechanical pencil! I love it. You never have to stop for a pencil sharpener, and if it breaks all you have to do is click it. To color, I use Primsacolors.

10) When do you most feel like drawing?
I tend to draw really late at night (like past 2 AM), but I never color at night. I'll usually do the sketch, then in the morning or afternoon the next day I'll outline then color (if I chose to do so). I dunno why I do this, I just do. ^^

11) What other interests do you have?
Ooooh....well okay I'll chose a few. To start I love Color Gaurd (flag line) in school. It's great! This'll be my second year to be on the team. I also love to swim, draw (duh), chat with buddies on the net, and write stories, and other picky things. ^^

12) What are your other favorite animes besides Sailor Moon?
Definatly Tenchi Muyo! (note the name. ^_-) After I saw the first movie, Tenchi Muyo: In Love, I fell in love with that too. (I definatly recommend seeing it if you haven't!) Also, I like Magic Knight Rayearth, Ranma 1/2, Battle Skippers, Iria, and many others I forget names of...but absoluty the best anime video game I've ever played was a RPG named Chrono Trigger. The best I tell ya! Mwuahaha....*someone whaps Ryouko over the head with a fish* Oh! eh...sorry..

Any other statement you would like to say to everyone out there:
My personal favorite quote to live by, "Don't worry, be happy!" he he. Anymoon, um if you really love drawing, then stick with it. I've dealt with my own setbacks for sure. Last year my sketchbook containing my first drawings ever of anime, and 70 of my Sailor Moon drawings was stolen at school. I was so bummed, cause I didn't have a scanner then. So I got a new sketchbook, and started over again. Never give up!

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