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Alright, alright, I know this section may not be a very big one, but am honoured to be able to put it up anyways. Here, I will include any reviews made by others for the Sailor Moon Fan Art Centre. Like any other web site owner, we're thrilled when we get a sincere, honest review of our sites (which hopefully is good, but ye know they all may not be..) So, on with the reviews, thanks to all who have contributed, many many of thanks. If ya'll find any more stated anywhere, please E-Mail me, I'd appreciate it very much. Thanks, and ja ne!

Review #1 -
Ryan Mathews from "Last Exit: Before Toll" at the Anime Web Turnpike

"...Do you like Sailor Moon fan art? Then you should love the Sailor Moon Fan Art Centre. This mind-blowing site is home to over 475 images from over forty artists!! No, that's not a typo. There are almost five hundred images stored here, each accessible by a descriptive link. Of course, this is fan art, so the quality varies, but if you like fan art, you should certainly find something you like here..."

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