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~Note from Ryouko-Chan~

I don't take credit with the ideas of my drawings, just the fact that *I* drew them with my own hand. I do not use ideas from other fan artists, only episodes/cards/posters/etc...or else I made them up myself. Drawing these pictures from Sailor Moon is our way of showing our *love* for this show. I've found that drawing it has helped me also in furthering my abilities in art, and I am now able to make my own original drawings from Sailor Moon. I also have some drawings I have created from my fan fiction, the Sailor Elements. Just think fan art as to fan fiction, it's the same idea, but it's our own way to express how much we love the show. That's why it is called *fan* art.

I would also like to send out a very special thank you to all of the Sailor Moon Fan Artists who have contributed to this page. It wouldn't be complete without you. Arigatou.

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