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1) Who is your favorite Sailor Moon Character?
*g* Sailorpluto, most definitely. Sheís intelligent, beautiful, and very mysterious. Who knows what she was up to during the 1,000 years the Silver Millenium children slept? For all we know, sheís been a queen, a savior, perhaps even a mother! O_o

2) How long have you been drawing?
For as long as I can remember. Itís my passion. ^^

3) When did you start drawing Sailor Moon?
August 1997. I originally had no interest in drawing Sailormoon because, *cough* I thought it was pointless. Since it would only be *fan art* and all, and not my own personal endeavor. Heh heh, you can see that Iíve changed my opinion, ne?

4) What would you like to do for a future career?
Well, I want to go into commercial illustration (ja, ja!) and do book covers for fantasy and childrenís books. Iíve also fallen totally in love with doing web page graphics, too.

5) What's your inspiration for drawing?
A lot of things inspire me. Music, an abstract doodle, rain, an angry thought, a picture in a magazine... *l*

6) Where are you from?
Originally I hale from Colorado, but my family moved down to Florida in 1995 and Iíve been here ever since.

7) How old are you? M/F? (you never can tell at times with names these days...)
I am almost 20 (I was born in June), and I am a femme. ^^

9) What kind of tools do you use for your artwork?
I love working with pencils, graphite or Prismacolors, watercolors (occasionally), and Paint Shop Pro 5 (the most wonderful computer art program available).

10) When do you most feel like drawing?
Um, it depends. A lot of times, though, once Iíve started a serious endeavor I will work on it for however long it takes. If that means day and night, so be it. However, I usually work best late at night because itís quiet, relatively cool in my room, and no one is nagging at me to do something.

11) What other interests do you have?
*mock horror* I have to tell people about my other interests? Oh, all right, but only since you asked so nicely. :) I love figure skating (watching it, not doing it), field hockey (playing it), surfing the Ďnet, writing, singing, going to the beach, and on and on doth Daraís interests go!

12) What are your other favorite animes besides Sailor Moon?
Well, thatís rather hard to answer, since Sailormoon is the only anime I have seen at length. From what Iíve seen of Magic Knight Rayearth, itís pretty cool.

Any other statement you would like to say to everyone out there:
"Use the force, Luó" Oopsie, thatís from a movie, my bad! Hee, I dunno. Just be happy, make merry, and send me money. LOTS of it. *g* But seriously, if you like to draw, keep it up! Take the time to scan in your works *correctly* before posting Ďem on the net. Learn to use an image editoróthey are wonderful things. No matter what anyone tells you, donít compress a JPEG image past 40óitís not pretty. *shivers* And please, mind your pís and qís, eat your vegetables, and if the boogie man gets you because you didnít scrub behind your ears it isnít my fault! Oh, yeah, one more thing. If you like my art, e-mail and tell me! I love feedback. All right, thatís it. Take care everybody!

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