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Contest?! Contest! Prizes! Ooh! Ooh!

Every now and then, I will hold a drawing contest. I will chose one picture from the series Sailor Moon, and to enter you must draw it (colored or non-colored, doesn't matter) The drawing that represents it best, or if it is in a unique style, it will win! Easy as that. Prizes will be determined by how much money I have. ^_^ Good luck to you all! (You may only enter one drawing per contest) Also, gomen ne but this can only be open to residents in Canada and USA, since I can't afford to ship to anywhere else. I'm very sorry. = ( If somehow I can find a way to get more money, this may change...

This contest is now over, and all entries have been recieved. Below is the list of names of all who entered, and their drawing of Neptune. I will decide the winner soon. Thanks to all who entered, I hope for more in the next contest!

This contest's picture to draw:

This prize is small, since it's the first one and I'm pending turnouts. Anyways, this month I am giving away 25 English Sailor Moon Trading Cards by Dart, which were only found in comic shops. This is the first series, so they hard to come by nowadays since series 2 has come out. Click the example of them below to see which cards you can have if you win.


Entry #1


Entry #2


Entry #3


Entry #4


Entry #5


Entry #6

Chibi Totoro

Entry #7


Entry #8


Entry #9


Entry #10


Entry #11


Entry #12


Entry #13


*drumroll* It is time! The winner, of the first Sailor Moon Fan Art Centre contest is.....Laurie! Her drawing really captivated me in it's colouring (which was done with crayons, which truely amazes me. 0.o) and her gentle look. Congradulations! Thanks to everyone who entered, from my point this first contest was a big sucess (I told myself I would be lucky to get even 10 entries, but I got 13!) The next contest will be even bigger and better (and soon!) Good luck next time, and arigatou!