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1) Who is your favorite Sailor Moon Character?
Sailorpluto, Sailormoon, and Sailorneptune.

2) How long have you been drawing?
I've been drawing since I was about 8-9.. but I have been drawing anime for the past 3 years, since I was 11.

3) When did you start drawing Sailor Moon?
Back when I first started watching Sailormoon when it aired in the U.S. in September of '95.

4) What would you like to do for a future career?
I plan to be a manga artist when I get older.. :)

5) What's your inspiration for drawing?
Well.. usually I just get inspired to draw something by thinking too much.. other ways are watching movies.. anime.. and listening to music.. like the Cure, Bauhaus, Lycia.. or my beloved flamenco cds. :)

6) Where are you from?
I live in California in the Bay Area (near San Fransisco).

7) How old are you? M/F? (you never can tell at times with names these days...)
Hehe.. I'm 14 and female.. *grin*

9) What kind of tools do you use for your artwork?
I just use my HB pencil and my worn out eraser.. :) Sometimes my outlining pens, prisma colored pencils or just a rendering/shading pencil.

10) When do you most feel like drawing?
Mmm.. whenever.. I usually get urges to draw often, when I listen to music is when I draw most of the time.

11) What other interests do you have?
Besides drawing and anime.. not too much.. I like to talk on IRC on EFnet (I go on with the nick RoseMoon and hangout in #darkpoetry) and chat.. I like to work on my webpage.. ( go out with my friends.. read.. play video games.. well.. heheh.. I guess that is a lot.. :)

12) What are your other favorite animes besides Sailor Moon?
I have a lot: Ah! My Goddess!.. Tenchi Muyo!.. Ranma 1/2.. Ninja Scroll.. Record of Lodoss Wars.. Ghost in the Shell.. Curse of the Undead Youma.. the Slayers.. Battle Angel Alita.. Vampire Princess Miyu.. and Vampire Hunter D.. I'm sure there's more.. but I can't remember them at the moment.. :)

Any other statement you would like to say to everyone out there:
Ummm.. how about a Cure quote? "please say the right words.. or cry like the stone white clown and stand.. lost forever in a happy crowd.."
~The Cure..Faith

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